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Passchendaele/Feature Film

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Some samples from Paul Gross’ Passchendaele. Additional scenes can be seen here. You’ll have to go to “Behind the Scenes” and then scroll down to find Storyboards.


Kennedy House/The Women of Camelot/TV Mini Series

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This is actually a set that we built for the NBC Mini Series The Women of Camelot. Both exterior and ground floor interiors were shot here. The house was built in Marie Curtis park in Etobicoke.

Photos by David Chevalier.


Concept Sketches

The Listener/TV Series

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Some pages from the CTV series The Listener, Directed by Clement Virgo.

Ford Escape/Commercial

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These were done for a commercial a couple of years ago that turned out so well it was shown in theatres before the movie.

Directed by Robert Maya.

The commercial can be viewed here

The Gathering/TV Mini-Series

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Here is a nice little scene from the TV mini series, The Gathering, directed by Bill Eagles.

There was a fair bit of information to talk about here including actors, stunts practical FX and visual FX.

The boards helped everyone get on board.

Nature Valley/TV Commercial

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This was a commercial spot for Nature Valley featuring…talking bears.

Here’s the commercial.

WowWee Tri-Bot

Part of the pitch for WowWee’s Tri-Bot toys. A combination of illustrations and photos of the product.

The bottom illustration is the rough layout, the top is the final.

Sammy and Cara

storyboard 1

Here are some pages for a proposed childrens’ show, Sammy and Cara.

storyboard 2 storyboard 3 storyboard 4

Dino Dan-Storyboards

These boards were prepared for the childrens’ show Dino Dan and used to guide the CGI animators as well as

the framing and blocking of the scene.

Flash of Genius-Storyboards

Flash of Genius starring Greg Kinnear was directed by Marc Abrams.

Aaron Stone/Season 2/Costume Design

Considerable time was spent on the design of his costume with specific attention to the gauntlet glove.

Aaron Stone/Season 2

Here are some sketches for a variety of villians from the show.

Aaron Stone/Season 2

Here are some set sketches from the second season of Disney’s Aaron Stone.


A couple of pages of “graphic novel” style storyboards that were used in the Director’s pitch for the film Disturbia. Sadly, he didn’t get the job.