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Storyboards-Upcoming Feature Film

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Three panels from an upcoming Feature film that I’m not at liberty to reveal.


Red-Werewolf Hunter

A quick sketch of a proposed leather gauntlet with a detachable throwing knife for the SyFy Channel’s TV Movie, Red-Werewolf Hunter.

Committed Dash Card

Two versions of the dash card for the TV Movie “Committed”.

Ace Hero/Mikey Man Covers

A selection of covers. The books were published by Open Mind Comics.

The painted Ace vs. Mikey is by Chris Roberts.

Ace Hero vs. Mickey Man/Part 1/Adult Content

A few years ago Chris Roberts and I published a series of comic books through Open Mind Comics with Ace Hero and Mikey Man.

This is the last one that we did but it was never published. So I thought that it should now see the light of day.

The rest of the story can be found here.

Coming Soon- Ace Hero vs. Mikey Man/ The Lost Comic Book

Still More Dead Silence Storyboards

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Dead Silence/Mary Shaw

Some character studies for the evil Mary Shaw……..

More Dead Silence

The official site for Dead Silence can be found here.

In this sequence Jamie arrives home to find his wife dead with her tongue ripped out!

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Red-Werewolf Hunter

The Dash Card.

Pages from a prop book.

A couple of items from the TV movie Red-Werewolf Hunter for the Syfy Channel..


Mike Nesbitt drew this picture of me…..

Terminal Set Sheridan ATVF

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A few more shots of the set that we built for Sheridan’s 3×3 project. Filming started today and will continue for 2 weeks.

A short quicktime movie can be seen here.

Covert Affairs Storyboards

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These were done recently for the new series on NBC. Directed by Ken Giroti

The 13th Floor

A few pages from a collaborative project with writer/producer Michael Sloan and myself.

The complete story can be found here.

Snow Cake Storyboards


Terminal Set/Sheridan ATVF Production Design

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Every year my Production Design students at Sheridan’s ATVF course design and construct a set to be used in their 3×3 film project (3 characters 3 minutes).

This year we decided to build a terminal (bus or train). Here are some shots of the set in progress, more to follow.

Carpentry services provided by Ryan O’Connell and Paul Sibley (Knuckles)

Ace Hero VS. Mikey Man

A page from Ace Hero Comics.

Shake Hands With the Devil

A few summers ago I spent the summer in Rwanda working on Shake Hand With the Devil with Director Roger Spottiswoode.

And although the subject matter was quite disturbing I did some good work and made several friends while there.

Land of the Dead

A series of panels from George Romero’s Land of the Dead filmed here in Toronto.

Still More Comics

Colonel Cannon rises to the occasion.