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Sheridan ATVF 3×3 Set Build

A short film by Steven Chan


Set Building Basics

We were shooting on location here in toronto at the Waverly Hotel at Spadina and College. It was decided to shoot at the actual location for 2 days and then to move the crew back to the studio where we would build a section of the set.

6650086465_c7baeb2812_oThe first step was to get some detailed photos and measurements. The Key Scenic painter and Construction Manager met me at the location and we did our research getting measurements and matching colours.

P1100723 P1100727 P1100741 P1100745The next step is to come up with a floor plan that works

and situate it within the studio. Crew access and fire regulations are taken into account.

Plan 1 below.

Scanned from a Xerox multifunction deviceThis was shown to the Director who had some notes.

Plan 2.

Scanned from a Xerox multifunction device(1)Below is the final plan (within reason as things can still change.)

Scanned from a Xerox multifunction device(2) Scanned from a Xerox multifunction device(3)A simple elevation followed with door details.

The set went up very quickly.

P1100793 P1100797Once the set was standing the painters got to it.

P1100816 P1100821 P1100826The painters were then followed by the Set Decorators.

P1100828 P1100829 P1100830 P1100831

All in all, a very believable set that matched the location.

Basement Set Built in Studio


basement setThe first step in the process is a quick perspective sketch showing the general layout of the set and some of the set dressing.

basement plan basement elevationThis was followed by a plan and a quick elevation to get the carpenters started.P1100591 P1100651 P1100654 P1100667 P1100670 P1100676 Followed by the Paint Dept and the Set Dressers.