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Another Blast from the Past

tumblr_mdtzlwOfES1rsqn2oo2_1280 tumblr_mdtzlwOfES1rsqn2oo1_1280Bemusing (BEM) fanzine #3 from 1974 and the Summer Comisc Special with an illustration of the Martian Manhunter on one and a Captain Marvel on the other.

Published by Martin Lock in the UK.

Johnny Up and Down

Old Men

Grumpy Old Bear


Silver Snail Almost Heroes Window Display

Silver Snail in Toronto had a window display to promote the new Showcase series, “Almost Heroes”

Paul Campbell  holding a copy of Knuckle Justice.

More prop comic book covers can be found here.

Captain Dandy from Almost Heroes

Paul Campbell with a copy of Captain Dandy.

Two Grumpy Men

Lonely Guy

Scary Crazy Baby

An unused dash card for a new TV horror series.

Who’s This Guy?

Aaron Stone Season 2/Hazard Mask Studies

For the character “Hazard” several character studies were done (roughs) to determine what his mask would look like. None of these were chosen.

More Prop Comics

These pages were drawn (pencilled) by me and inked and coloured by Michael Nesbitt.

The original rough sketch for the P-Guy cover.

Red-Werewolf Hunter

A quick sketch of a proposed leather gauntlet with a detachable throwing knife for the SyFy Channel’s TV Movie, Red-Werewolf Hunter.

Ace Hero/Mikey Man Covers

A selection of covers. The books were published by Open Mind Comics.

The painted Ace vs. Mikey is by Chris Roberts.

Ace Hero vs. Mickey Man/Part 1/Adult Content

A few years ago Chris Roberts and I published a series of comic books through Open Mind Comics with Ace Hero and Mikey Man.

This is the last one that we did but it was never published. So I thought that it should now see the light of day.

The rest of the story can be found here.

Dead Silence/Mary Shaw

Some character studies for the evil Mary Shaw……..

Red-Werewolf Hunter

The Dash Card.

Pages from a prop book.

A couple of items from the TV movie Red-Werewolf Hunter for the Syfy Channel..


Mike Nesbitt drew this picture of me…..