Storyboard and Illustration Samples, Set Design and Graphics


Prop Antique Clock Build

clock sketchThe first step in the build is a scale drawing that is sent to the prop builder to look at and to get a quote. We were fortunate to be able to use Damian Zuch at Deville’s Workshop. Damian then built a model in Sketch Up for us to review.

antique clock - side antiqueclock - top antiqueclockfront Clock partsOnce approved it was time to source the various components.

The dome is actually a plastic salad bowl from the Dollar store…

The little paintings on the sides were quite specific to the story and these were farmed out to another artist (again with reference to work from)

1The paintings were completed and returned to the shop for final assembly.

assembledThe final result was very successful and well received by the Producer and Director.

For a more detailed look at the entire process click here.


Teen Magazine

This was created by Mike Nesbitt for the TV Movie An Officer and a Murderer….

Girlie Mags

A couple of prop magazines for a film.

World’s Worst Prop

What is there to say…..?

Victorian Desk Build

We needed a nice Victorian desk for a set and the carpenters built this and the skilled scenic painters finished it.

Thanks to Phil Carvalho, Mark Taylor and Rob Taylor.

It looks like it’s always been there.

Prop Magazine

A somewhat funny prop magazine for a TV Movie, Whiskey Business.

Prop Movie Posters

These movie posters were created for a Television Pilot recently. The Director had requested a specific (real) poster in a character’s loft and even though we tried, we couldn’t obtain the rights. So we did the next best thing, we made our own.

Aaron Stone Season 2/ Scottish Tomb

A working drawing for an ancient Scottish Sarcophagus. This was given to the carpenters along with some reference and they made a fantastic prop.

Aaron Stone Season 2/ Mr. Galalagos Lair

A couple of sketches for Mr. Galapagos’ Lair, an old abandoned mine and a sealed hotel room.

More Prop Comics

These pages were drawn (pencilled) by me and inked and coloured by Michael Nesbitt.

The original rough sketch for the P-Guy cover.

Red-Werewolf Hunter

A quick sketch of a proposed leather gauntlet with a detachable throwing knife for the SyFy Channel’s TV Movie, Red-Werewolf Hunter.

Red-Werewolf Hunter

The Dash Card.

Pages from a prop book.

A couple of items from the TV movie Red-Werewolf Hunter for the Syfy Channel..

Still More Comics

Colonel Cannon rises to the occasion.

More Prop Comic Books

More comic books created for a new television series.

Prop Comic Books

These are some prop comic books prepared for an upcoming TV series.

Dark Badger and Captain Dandy are mine, while Adventure Cat is by Josh Heisie and Treeman by Mike Nesbitt.


Crazy Drill Device