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Signs and Graphics

More from the Larry Collection


Teen Magazine

This was created by Mike Nesbitt for the TV Movie An Officer and a Murderer….

Crime Scene

These are staged prop photos for a television series. Cassie Keenan is the model.

Girlie Mags

A couple of prop magazines for a film.

The Larry Collection

World’s Worst Prop

What is there to say…..?

New Dash Card

Saul Bass Style Posters

Some prop posters for a film rendered in the style of legendary designer, Saul Bass.

Prop Movie Sign

Whiskey Business/Town Sign

The finished sign in the paint shop.

Whiskey Business Dash Card

The Black Cats

A German poster for a TV show.

Silver Snail Almost Heroes Window Display

Silver Snail in Toronto had a window display to promote the new Showcase series, “Almost Heroes”

Paul CampbellĀ  holding a copy of Knuckle Justice.

More prop comic book covers can be found here.

Choosing a Colour Palette

Picking colours can be difficult but here is a quick trick. Select an image or painting that you like and in Photoshop or Illustrator use the eye dropper tool to sample colours from the image.

This is The Boy in the Red Vest by Cezanne, 1894.

Cafe Concert Singer by Degas.

The Absinthe Drinker, also by Degas.

Prop Movie Posters

These movie posters were created for a Television Pilot recently. The Director had requested a specific (real) poster in a character’s loft and even though we tried, we couldn’t obtain the rights. So we did the next best thing, we made our own.

Committed Dash Card

Two versions of the dash card for the TV Movie “Committed”.

Ace Hero VS. Mikey Man

A page from Ace Hero Comics.

Still More Comics

Colonel Cannon rises to the occasion.

Comic Book Store Set

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Another set that we built for the television series Aaron Stone. Photos by Tim Peel.

Harriet the Spy

Some posters that were created for the TV Movie, Harriet the Spy.