Storyboard and Illustration Samples, Set Design and Graphics


Creating a Vintage Day/ Night Backing

I needed to create a period backing for a television series that takes place in the past.

A suitable photo was sourced from the archives and we bought a high resolution file.

Toronto Street, looking north from King Street. - [between 1908 and 1909]

The photo was the cropped and coloured in Photoshop for a day version.


A night version was also needed.


Both were printed large format (12′ x 24′) and hung by the grips outside an apartment window as a shower curtain allowing each backing to be extended and shot.


Wooden Raleigh Superbe Gents Roadster

Wooden Raleigh Superbe Gents Roadster.

More Movie Posters From the Larry Collection

La-Dolce-Vita Larry Larry lamb LARRY THOR Larry of the carribean

Sheridan ATVF 3×3 Set Build

A short film by Steven Chan

Basement Set Built in Studio


basement setThe first step in the process is a quick perspective sketch showing the general layout of the set and some of the set dressing.

basement plan basement elevationThis was followed by a plan and a quick elevation to get the carpenters started.P1100591 P1100651 P1100654 P1100667 P1100670 P1100676 Followed by the Paint Dept and the Set Dressers.

More 3D

Another couple of examples of 3d photography from this years Production Design students at Sheridan College.

These are by Denya and Jennifer.

These actually work really well. You just need to put on your glasses, sit back a little and relax your eyes. Click on the photo for a full size version.

DenyaJennFiveJennifer wonders if she should give up social networking.

PaintShop1 Paints1

Sheridan College Student 3D

TabsPriscAlex3DSome more good examples of the 3D photography from this years ATVF students.

Don’t forget your 3D glasses!

Tabitha and Priscilla enjoy a quiet moment to reflect on their hectic schedules.


Jordan in 3D

Jordan wonders if he’s spending too much time leaning against walls.

Charles in 3DCharles enjoys pointing at things But not everything, as that would be considered rude!

Just For Fun

Virtual Set Design-Dark Matters

Dead Silence

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These were done for the feature film Dead Silence Directed by James Wan and shot here in Toronto.

More of The 4400 Storyboards

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Some more boards from the TV series the 4400 done for Director Colin Bucksey.

Prop Comic Books

These are some prop comic books prepared for an upcoming TV series.

Dark Badger and Captain Dandy are mine, while Adventure Cat is by Josh Heisie and Treeman by Mike Nesbitt.

The Listener Storyboards

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Harriet the Spy

Some posters that were created for the TV Movie, Harriet the Spy.