Storyboard and Illustration Samples, Set Design and Graphics


Teen Magazine

This was created by Mike Nesbitt for the TV Movie An Officer and a Murderer….


Crime Scene

These are staged prop photos for a television series. Cassie Keenan is the model.

More GCI

New CGI Sets

The finished GCI set.

More CGI Sets

Crappy Motel Set

Johnny Up and Down

Art Deco Bar Studio Set


Girlie Mags

A couple of prop magazines for a film.


A crazy incinerator we built for the latest project.

Church and Front Mash


A good tutorial can be found here.

More 3D by Oswaldo Sepulveda and Ann Feathrestone

These only work with the red and blue 3D glasses. But if you put them on, relax your eyes and sit a 2-3 feeat away from the screen they really work well. These are, of course my students from Sheridan’s ATVF Film program.

Still More 3D Moby and Friend

Old Men

The Larry Collection

Grumpy Old Bear

World’s Worst Prop

What is there to say…..?

Victorian Desk Build

We needed a nice Victorian desk for a set and the carpenters built this and the skilled scenic painters finished it.

Thanks to Phil Carvalho, Mark Taylor and Rob Taylor.

It looks like it’s always been there.

New Dash Card