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Sheridan 3×3 Set Build

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 8.13.34 PMgarage plan w_carsgarage sketch P1110105Every year my Production Design students at Sheridan College build a studio set and then shoot 8-10 different short films on the same set. This yera we built the interior of a gas station.

These are some shots of the work in progress.

We painted a backing as well for outside the entrance.

Below a photo shop mock up of the backing.

backing mock up mock up

P1110107 P1110108 P1110109P1110104

As it turned out, we were unable to get our REAL gas pumps and we had them printed on vinyl and mounted on foam core.

They actually worked quite well in the background.

Below a link to a  short Youtube video.


More 3D

Another couple of examples of 3d photography from this years Production Design students at Sheridan College.

These are by Denya and Jennifer.

These actually work really well. You just need to put on your glasses, sit back a little and relax your eyes. Click on the photo for a full size version.

DenyaJennFiveJennifer wonders if she should give up social networking.

PaintShop1 Paints1

Sheridan College Student 3D

TabsPriscAlex3DSome more good examples of the 3D photography from this years ATVF students.

Don’t forget your 3D glasses!

Tabitha and Priscilla enjoy a quiet moment to reflect on their hectic schedules.


Jordan in 3D

Jordan wonders if he’s spending too much time leaning against walls.

Charles in 3DCharles enjoys pointing at things But not everything, as that would be considered rude!

Santa’s Workshop- The Case For Christmas

A set we build for the Hallmark TV movie, The Case for Christmas. Built by my former Sheridan ATVF students,

Josh Heisie, Mike Edmund, Adam Kuwbi,  Mike Nesbit, Patrick Gautier and Maria Sominelli.

Allison Hickey, a current student helped as well.

Terminal Set Sheridan ATVF

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A few more shots of the set that we built for Sheridan’s 3×3 project. Filming started today and will continue for 2 weeks.

A short quicktime movie can be seen here.

Terminal Set/Sheridan ATVF Production Design

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Every year my Production Design students at Sheridan’s ATVF course design and construct a set to be used in their 3×3 film project (3 characters 3 minutes).

This year we decided to build a terminal (bus or train). Here are some shots of the set in progress, more to follow.

Carpentry services provided by Ryan O’Connell and Paul Sibley (Knuckles)