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More Prop Comic Books

More comic books created for a new television series.


National Tree Storyboards

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More Dead Silence Storyboards

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Dead Silence

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These were done for the feature film Dead Silence Directed by James Wan and shot here in Toronto.

More of The 4400 Storyboards

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Some more boards from the TV series the 4400 done for Director Colin Bucksey.

The 4400 Storyboards

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Some pages from the series the 4400 shot in Vancouver.

Prop Comic Books

These are some prop comic books prepared for an upcoming TV series.

Dark Badger and Captain Dandy are mine, while Adventure Cat is by Josh Heisie and Treeman by Mike Nesbitt.

Comic Book Store Set

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Another set that we built for the television series Aaron Stone. Photos by Tim Peel.

The Listener Storyboards

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Bang Bang Club

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Here are a few pages from the film The Bang Bang Club which recently premiered at this year’s TIFF.

Dead Silence

Harriet the Spy

Some posters that were created for the TV Movie, Harriet the Spy.


Crazy Drill Device

Aarron Stone-Mutant Bus Crash

Here we have a series of sketches and photos showing the process of getting this set/bus installed.

Aaron Stone-Guerilla Camp Sketch and Photo

Aaron Stone- Suture

Another character design from Disney’s Aaron Stone TV series. This is Suture whose mouth is stitched shut.

Dash Cards


For every new show the Art Department produces a dash card to be displayed in crew member’s cars. Here’s a selection of them.

New Old Vintage Signs-The Town Christmas Forgot

These hand painted signs were built for the Hallmark TY movie called ‘The Town Christmas Forgot” filmed in Millbrook Ontario.