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The Black Cats

A German poster for a TV show.

Set Sketches

Some sketches for proposed sets for an upcoming TV series.

Dark Matters-Virtual Set

Just For Fun

Empire State Building/Observation Deck/Set Build

Kelly and Josh hard at work.

A selection of photos of a set that we build for Hallmark’s Mistletoe Over Manhattan Christmas movie. A small portion of the Empire State Building’s observation deck. We took some liberties with the design but in the end it was quite successful. Photos by Adam Kubiw. Set Construction by Mike Edmund, Mike Nesbit, Paul Sibley, Josh Heisie, Adam Kubiw and Kelsey Tremblay.

Dark Matters-Virtual Set Design

The illustration and mood board for Frankenstein’s Lab.

The rendered set.

Dark Matters- Virtual Set Process

First step is a copy of the green screen screen capture.

The screen capture is converted to black and white and once the perspective is figured out I just drawn the set onto the page.

The illustration is then given to the animators, along with a scale floor plan and they start to “build” the set in the computer.

The rendered set.

Virtual Set Design-Dark Matters

Virtual Set Design-Dark Matters

Dark Matters- Virtual Sets

A sample board for the GCI animators for the Science Channel’s new series Dark Matters.

This would be coupled with a floor plan as well.

Santa’s Workshop- The Case For Christmas

A set we build for the Hallmark TV movie, The Case for Christmas. Built by my former Sheridan ATVF students,

Josh Heisie, Mike Edmund, Adam Kuwbi,  Mike Nesbit, Patrick Gautier and Maria Sominelli.

Allison Hickey, a current student helped as well.