Storyboard and Illustration Samples, Set Design and Graphics

CGI Set Design

More GCI


New CGI Sets

The finished GCI set.

Dark Matters-Virtual Set

Dark Matters-Virtual Set Design

The illustration and mood board for Frankenstein’s Lab.

The rendered set.

Dark Matters- Virtual Set Process

First step is a copy of the green screen screen capture.

The screen capture is converted to black and white and once the perspective is figured out I just drawn the set onto the page.

The illustration is then given to the animators, along with a scale floor plan and they start to “build” the set in the computer.

The rendered set.

Virtual Set Design-Dark Matters

Dark Matters- Virtual Sets

A sample board for the GCI animators for the Science Channel’s new series Dark Matters.

This would be coupled with a floor plan as well.

New Storyboards

These boards are for a Pilot pitch and contain a CGI element.

Mike Nesbitt did the colouring